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A few months ago I came to your office, not sure what to expect, in search of a magic cure to quit smoking...To my amazement I have not smoked since that very day. Although it was not a cure, it was some sort of training to my psyche that helped me understand how to cope better and ultimately teach me that a cigarette was not the answer. After smoking for 25 years, I quit cold turkey and made it! I couldn't have done it without Devin Wallace and the hypnotherapy he performed. Devin, thank you for saving my life. My family thanks you too!
J. Eilers

Without reservation, it is my privilege and opportunity to provide a resounding recommendation for Mr. Devin Wallace. Mr. Wallace has provided comprehensive assistance to me with hypnosis therapy. I utilized his expertise to alleviate some of my self defeating behaviors, as well as chronic insomnia. He created a safe, warm and professional environment to conduct the sessions and customized the suggestions and hypnosis to address my specific challenges and concerns. He provided me with tools and strategies and practical assignments that I have used at home to remedy my chronic insomnia. As a result I now have life-long approaches for those areas that he assisted me with. My life has improved in a myriad of ways. Thank you, Devin for your profound level of expertise and for making change possible!

Exams terrify me. I carefully constructed my life to avoid them until I was faced with the need to become licensed to work in my state. I approached my licensure exam with trepidation and even after studying seriously felt that my anxiety would impede my ability to perform on exam day. Working with Devin through hypnosis to release old fears, strengthen my confidence, and lower anxiety was an incredible resource in this process. On exam day, I was surprisingly calm and moved through the test in an easeful way. I aced the exam with time to spare and was amazed at my relaxed manner. Devin does a great job of tailoring the hypnosis to your individual needs and I am definitely grateful. Thanks Devin!

While preparing for the First Year Law Student Exam in San Luis Obispo, I experienced anxiety attacks and inability to focus and recall reading material.  After one session with Devin and using a session on CD, I was able to relax, retain information, and stop oncoming panic attacks within a few minutes.

I feel like having two hypnosis sessions with Devin started me on a path of better eating consciousness. In the first session a surprising revelation came up when he asked me to think of the first memory in my life when eating had a problem associated with it. In the second session, I found the visualization of myself as a thin person to be impactful.  And since then I have observed a shift happening at times in my self image.

Devin offered to give me guidelines for self-hypnosis so that I can continue the process, and I am looking forward to putting those in practice. It is inspiring to find people such as Devin in the world - people who stand clearly in their desire to help others as their first priority.  Because of who he is, I found it easy to let go and trust in him and the process.
Debby Highfill

The technique I learned (for decreasing pain) from Devin works very well; as well as the CD. I've found the more I do the technique with or without the CD the easier it is to do and visualize. I'm grateful for having these tools to help release the amount of pain I experience.
Anne R.



Devin facilitated a workshop for people with Multiple Sclerosis where he showed how music can help to manage pain, decrease stress and alleviate symptoms of depression. Devin’s knowledge of music and understanding of the devastating impact that chronic illness can have on people was demonstrated by how he introduced “Music as Medicine” in a very practical way to those suffering with pain, anxiety and depression.  The people that attended this workshop raved about how wonderful it was to not only learn some of the scientific research to back “music” as a credible, therapeutic intervention but also, to discover a very portable, affordable tool they can use to help them in their daily lives.
Mary Ann Holm, MSW
Manager of Clinical Services, National MS Society

Devin bought his inspiring message and beautiful gift of musical expression to the stroke recovery group. We had stroke survivors who could barely speak but found their voice through Devin’s use of songs to work with and through different emotions. His sensitivity to their unique needs was a catalyst to their healing.”
Tammy Richmond, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA
Former Co-Program Leader, Edward R. Gordon Stroke & Neurological Wellness Center

Devin has the mind I want to emulate in my next life. Whatever he comes up with for a group he can do. He has a plan on how to create, manage, and lead the group. Devin was the creator of the Stroke Recovery Program. I was in awe of his love for music in all of life. He believed that listening to & singing music can change how you’re feeling that day and sometimes follow you through life. I was witness to that power -- I am a stroke survivor…
Candace Howerton, MSW
Former Co-Program Leader, Edward R. Gordon Stroke & Neurological Wellness Center

I worked with Devin Wallace for several years with the Stroke Recovery Program offered by the Stroke Association of Southern California.  I observed him weekly in his role as a group facilitator and found him to be a gifted facilitator of groups.  He has a way of encouraging everyone within a group to participate, no matter the barriers to such participation (e.g. difficulty speaking, anxiety, fear, non- or limited English speakers, etc.)  Devin uses music, writing, discussion and other activities to assist participants in learning more about themselves, healing physical and emotional injuries/wounds, express themselves, and address their challenges.  As he gets to know the group members better, he incorporates activities that are personally and culturally important to each member.  Devin is a remarkable group facilitator!
Constance Carlson, PT, MS Ed.



I've known Devin Wallace for more than 35 years.  He was influential in getting me started as a meditator, and I've long admired his use of meditation techniques with stroke survivors, substance abusers, and people living with MS.  Devin's depth of experience and his creative communication skills have helped many people gain the calm and insight necessary meet the difficulties they face.  His sense of humor and ease of being make him a joy to know and work with.
Jim Hare
Asst. Director for Housing Development, Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (Retired)
Priest & Practice Leader, Valley Streams Zen Sangha, Sacramento, CA

Thank you for the meditation retreat you lead at the Santa Barbara NMSS office…I learned many things during that one day and came away with a refreshed perspective.
Tracy Zweig Pinnella
Tracy Zweig Associates, Inc.

I really learned a lot from the mindful meditation retreat that you lead.  My recent health problems have prompted me to use the meditation techniques on a more regular basis.  It really helps with stress and physical pain.  I have learned to not worry so much when my mind wanders as I relax and meditate. Thank you for offering the class in the San Luis Obispo area.
Linda Kipe


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