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The arts are powerful vehicles for both release and transformation. Numerous clinical studies over the years have demonstrated that even the most horrific experiences can be therapeutically “processed” by artistic expression, helping to facilitate healing. By externalizing the experience and its resulting emotions into visual, musical, or literary forms, the traumas lose some of their power over the individual. They enable one to see things in a new light, to actually interact with, and re-shape the psychological material so that what has been called a “psychological digestion” is possible.

As a professional artist since my early 20’s, I have experienced these changes personally, and as an artist-in-residence and theatre & writing instructor (working with students of all ages and numerous physical & mental health challenges), I’ve witnessed truly transformative changes, sometimes in a very short period of time.Newspaper Clipping

Personal Approach

I use writing, theatre, and music to help clients work on conscious and subconscious issues affecting their daily lives and relationships. Most of my work of this type is in group settings, but I also provide individual instruction and coaching to enable clients to develop and deepen their expressive capabilities for healing and personal growth.


Fees for Arts4Healing public workshops and individual instruction are negotiable. I offer workshops for organizations upon request. Please call or e-mail (805) 709-2227 or for more information.