Applied Meditation & Qi Gong

The clinical evidence that meditative practices can dramatically affect physical & mental health and quality of life has been steadily mounting for years. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation (a form adapted from Buddhist Vipassana teachings) alone. Mindfulness-based stress reduction, pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in 1979, is now being offered at more than 250 MBSR clinics worldwide.

Western science first became seriously interested in “applied meditation” (i.e. meditation used for specific mental/physical health aims) in the 1960’s, when Transcendental Meditation -- as introduced to the West by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi -- was gaining popularity in the U.S. Interest in meditation’s tangible benefits has grown exponentially since that time, attracting the involvement of many of the world’s top neuroscientists and psychologists.   Qi Gong (pronounced "chee-gung,") means "energy cultivation" or "working with the life energy." Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese system of postures, exercises, breathing techniques, and meditations. Its techniques are designed to improve and enhance the body's qi, which, in Chinese medicine, is responsible for health and vitality.

Personal approach

Of course, the word meditation can mean a lot of different things to different people, depending on their beliefs and upbringing. Because of the variety of interests and interpretations, I offer clients instruction and coaching in a wide range of meditation techniques, including:

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Guided meditations & visualizations
  • Sound/Music & Writing meditations
  • Qi Gong (meditation-in-motion)
Qi Gong


Rev. Hye Wol Sunim I was certified to teach by qi gong master Lee Holden and have done additional training with other eastern and western masters.

I began my meditation practice in 1972 at the Zen Priory in Eugene, Oregon and continue to deepen my practice by attending retreats and trainings with leading Buddhist teachers. I co-founded meditation groups in Oregon, Tennessee, and California. Since 1999 I have been a student of the Rev. Hye Wol Sunim, a Buddhist monk ordained in both Mahayana and Theravada traditions. Sunim is director of the Meditation Center for Zen Community in Pear Blossom, CA.


The suggested donation for private coaching sessions in applied meditation & qi gong is $50. Call (805) 709-2227 or e-mail for more information.