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“Mind is everything”

Are you ready to break unhealthy habits, conquer fears, reduce stress, pain & anxiety or maximize personal growth?

To bring about positive change in our lives – whether it’s for health & healing, breaking negative habits, or advancing personal goals & human potential – it is essential to access the inner workings of the mind. Hypnosis, meditative practices and the creative arts provide us with three highly effective and time-tested technologies to do just that. They enable us to move beneath & beyond the distractions and delusions of the outer world, eliminate our prior conditioning, and explore & transform our inner world.

A PDF Newsletter "The Open Mind Edition #1"

Located in Cayucos, California, Inner Workings provides private sessions, classes and workshops in these therapeutic modalities, serving clients throughout the Central Coast including San Luis Obispo. Click on each of the menu tabs above to find out how Inner Workings can help you actualize your intentions.